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Educators are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. At no time in history has it been clearer that the economy, family structures, and success of our nation depends upon innovative, mission-driven schools.

Kathleen Reardon Consulting helps your organization provide meaningful and safe student-centered learning – even during a global crisis.


Professional Development & Consulting Services:

Education Technology Integration

Designing Safe Experiences for Students Using Technology

Digital Citizenship 101: What Your School and Students Need to Know When They Go Online

Disaster & Emergency Planning: Remote Learning Best Practices


Consultations and Workshops:

Innovating Organizational Change

Leading in Times of Crisis

Privacy and Data Protection Best Practices

Ongoing Coaching & Consulting Services

Families and Home Schools

Speaking Engagements & Consultations:

Establishing Good Habits and Rules for Technology at Home

Security 101: Which Settings Can Protect You and Your Family in the Digital World?

Programming and Coding for Children

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